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Volleyball Doctor: Passing on Injury Prevention Points

I’ve been a volleyball doctor for the US Volleyball Men’s and Women’s National Teams since 2005. Those amazing players- and some amazing medical colleagues, have taught me about the game. They have also taught me about common injuries- and how to prevent them. For indoor and sand players of all ages, I’d like to share tips from the best to keep you playing at your best.

Volleyball Doctor: Concussion Prevention Strategies from Volleyballmag.com

As a volleyball doctor, I have found key warm-up, training, and even competitive adjustments that can reduce concussion risk. Yes, volleyball is not a contact/collision activity like some sports. However,  combining high-speed hitting/serving along with aggressive diving and digging definitely is a risk for head impacts.

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Volleyball Doctor: How to Prevent 6 Most Common Volleyball Injuries

Working with volleyball players of all ages has allowed me a unique appreciation for common injuries. Since there are six players on the court, I will identify six common volleyball injuries with a focus on key prevention tips.

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Volleyball Doctor: Volleyball Shoulder: Don’t Let It Ruin Your Game!

Volleyball players can have unique appearances to their shoulder blade on the hitting side- let’s call it volleyball shoulder.

What does volleyball shoulder look like?

Take a close look at this video of a left-handed elite volleyball hitter. Pay special attention to the her left shoulder blade. Don’t be afraid to watch it several times if needed.

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Volleyball Doctor: Volleyball Ankle Braces-Opinions from Sports Medicine Experts

What side of the net do sports medicine experts land on when discussing volleyball ankle braces?

There’s little doubt that ankle sprains are the most common acute injury in indoor volleyball.

So, let’s start the debate on recommending for or against the use of volleyball ankle braces.

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Volleyball Doctor: 5 Tips for Healthy Knees

Protecting knees not only helps players stay on the court, but also reduces fatigue and improves performance.

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