USA Volleyball Sports Medicine Experts Present at CHOC Children’s Sports Cardiology Conference

The 2017 CHOC Children’s Sports Cardiology Conference asks the question “What is the Role of the Cardiologist in the Sports Medicine Team?”
Our USA Volleyball Sports Medicine Team will be there to share our experience and provide our expert answers.
Several years ago, expert pediatric cardiologist Paul Grossfeld offered his services to USA Volleyball.
The results have been eye-opening and intriguing.

Focused elite athlete screening evaluations have not just provided insights for our players, but for all volleyball athletes and even other taller athletes participating in high level sport.

The process has not been without challenges.
Informing athletes of higher risk conditions  and making decisions about career status and potential termination is never easy.
However, thanks to our on-going study, we have been able to contribute necessary data and experience to the conversation about screening and risk stratification in elite, taller athletes.
Our team looks forward to sharing this knowledge and extending our collaboration with important colleagues.

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